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Dk parera


Established in 2017, DK PARERA is a Limited entrepreneurial Company (UG) – an
exclusive Fashion Brand based in Munich – Germany. The Brand aims to offer to its
customers; those seeking for Uniqueness, Elegancy and Luxury, High end designs.

“The Charming Style”

DK´s Logo refers to the German founder´s name Dupri Kouadjo, the company fashion designer and
director executive. The company Brand Name originates to the French verb “parer” which means to
be elegantly and gently dressed! This is where the inspiration of creating a Brand with a simple and
elegant soul came from. PARERA stocks Luxury, Business and Casual attire with key products
offering BAG - POLOS - ACCESSORIES for both gender Men and Women.

The brand´s mission: quality in everything, simpleness at every stage and designing appealing  articles in order to
deliver  flawless and valuable products to its treasurable clientele, which could enjoy the privilege of uniqueness
through the Limited Editions  in stock.